Company history

  • 2008

    5 years in China

    The company I was working for transferred me to China to manage their operations. I had a one-year contract but ended up staying for 5 years.
    While working in China, I had the opportunity to learn the language (enough to get by) and gained a better understanding of the culture and learned a great deal about the business culture.

    Throughout the years I have developed a passion for LED lights while living in China, did my research about the industry, and developed many contacts and good partnerships.

  • 2013

    Back to Canada

    I returned to my country, Canada, and continued working for the company for another year.

  • 2014


    I started my own import company – HERCO IMPORT SERVICES INC.

    I had no idea how far we would go, I wasn’t even sure that we would be able to survive for a year. What drove me to start the company was the understanding that I could provide a service that no one else was providing.

  • 2016

    Always higher

    My journey has only brought me higher. Information Technology completely changes the way we analyze and present products. I have embraced new technologies and have ensured that our clients receive cutting edge products. As we go on towards the future we intend to exploit the full potential of new technologies to power our services with passion.

    Hervé Godbout

Godbout Hervé

Hervé Godbout
Founder, General Manager